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2023 wrap up...

  • Film

    • Producing, Choreographing, & Dancing in dance film Blurt

      • Dancer: Jacqui Defranca & Videographer: Jorge Cousineau 

    • Dance Film Title coming , Creative Direction: SubCircle, site specific/ improv base, October , Biddeford Pool Convent, Maine

    • Dance Film Soul Forge, Director: Alison Chase, Rockland, Maine, Feb 2023

  • LivePerformance

    • Til the Tide Site Specific with SubCircle at Ogunquit Museum of American Art, July 2023

  • Teaching 

    • March/September 5 week Choreographic Collaboration with Alison Chase and PATH’s In Deering Park, Portland, ME


Live Performance as Choreographer
  • Reframe, Stockstill Gallery Space, Los Angeles, CA, July 2019 

  • Strained, Mar Vista Art Walk, Los Angeles, CA, June 2017 

  • Distractions, Tank Theater, New York, NY, May 2014 

  • Boardwalk, Tank Theater, New York, NY, June 2013 

  • Unplugged, Electric Lodge, Venice, CA, Nov 2011 

  • Trains, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA, 2006 


Live performance Choreographer & Dancer 
  • Vesper, Creative Direction: Subcircle, Ocean Park Temple, Maine, Summer, 2022
  • Habitat, Collaboration with Heather Lyons & JoAnna Medhel Shaw at Engine Arts Biddeford, Maine, 2022,
  • What Haunts, Collaboration w/ Ellen Gorman at Beverly House, CA, Feb 2020
  • We Are Here, Strub Theater Cancer Benefit, Los Angeles, CA 2019 
  • Conversations 2, Electric Lodge, May 2019 
  • Haptics, The Living Room, Portland, ME, Dec 15th 2018
  • You hug me you hug me you, Bearnstow Presents, Maine, 2018 
  • Conversations 1, Movement Research Dec 4th 2018 
  • Break Glass a Site Specific, Culver City, CA, June 2018 
  • Light Plays on Light at Max 10, Electric Lodge, Venice Beach, CA June 2018 
  • How I Wanted It To Go, The Thing at Green Street Studios, Boston, MA, January & April 2018 
  • 3 States, Fresh Fridays at Green Street, Boston, Feb 2018 
  • Undoing Improv, Lion’s Jaw Festival The Thing, Boston, MA, Oct 2017 
  • Pop-up Show with musician Jess Lamb, Venice Beach, CA, Dec 2016 
  • Sense and Nonsense, Tank Theater, New York, NY, May 2013


Live Performance as a Dancer 
  • Convent, Creative Direction by SubCircle, site specific and improv base, October 2023, Biddeford Pool Convent, Maine

  • Til The Tide, Creative Direction by SubCircle, site specific and improv base, July 23rd, at Ogunquit Museum of American Art, 2023

  • Rosewater Sundaze, Creative Director: Jhia Jackson, Joe Goode Performance Space, San Francisco, CA, June 2023, 

  • Subcircle Artist Residency Fundraiser - site specific and improv base, by Subcircle, Maine Aug, 2021 

  • Subcircle Artist Residency Fundraiser - site specific and improv base, by Subcircle Maine Aug, 2022 

  • Potato Piece, by Molly Hess of 3 Spice, Green Street Studios, Boston, January 2018 

  • Threshold,  by Alexandra Pirici for The High Line Art Performance Sept 2017

  • Sideways, by Kristelle Monterrosa, Ruskin Theater, Los Angeles, May 2012 

  • Memories, by Danielle Beauchamp, Highways Performance Space 2010 

  • Dance Camera West Park Performance, by Maia Calypso, Cheviot Hills, October 2009 


Film as Choreographer
  • Red (one in a Primary color series),  Director: Amelia Anderson, Dancer: Jhia Jackson 

*Winner of Best Ultra Short New York Istanbul Short Film Festival

*Winner of 3rd place in DANCE CAMERA ISTANBUL - Impro Dance Fest Edition

  • To Stir, Director& Editor: myself, Dancer: Jacqui DeFranca, 2020

*Winner Runner-UP Bare Dance Company 48 hour Challenge 

  • Blue (one in a Primary color series), with Amelia Mulkey, San Francisco, CA, June 2017 

*Winner of Runner up of Absurd of Film Festival Italy, 2021


Film as Choreographer & Dancer
  • Nightlife, Musician: Scott Mackay, Maine, 2019

*Selected to be shown at En Route Curbside Series Film Festival Biddeford, Maine, 2022

  • Sea Change, Musician: Scott Mackay, Maine, 2019, Choreographer & Dancer

*Winner of Semi-finalist in Mobile Dance Film Festival: Mobi Mini Fest 2019 

  • Redressing Home, Site specific, Venice, CA, 2019 Choreographer & Dancer

*Winner Scholarship to Dare to Dance in Public

  • Traverse, with Ellen Gorman and Paul Jacob, CA, 2019 Choreographer & Dancer

  • Reframe Filmed, with Heather Cappiello Stockstill Gallery Space, July 2019 Choreographer

  • Yellow (one in a Primary color series), with Amelia Anderson, Playa Vista, May 2019 

*Selected and shown in Golden West Art Gallery: FEMELLA Winter Exhibit 2019

  • Break Glass Filmed, with Heather Capiello, CA, June 2018 Choreographer & Dancer

  • 50/50, with Amelia Anderson, CA, May 2018 Choreographer & Dancer

  • Love, Jess Lamb Music Video, Venice Beach, CA, Nov 2016 Choreographer & Dancer


Film as Dancer     
  • Forthcoming title, Director: Alison Chase, Rockland, Maine, March 2023

  • Vesper, Directors: Niki Cousineau & Scott McPheeters, Biddeford, Maine, Aug 2022 

  • Barnraiser at Magnus on the Water, Directors: Niki Cousineau & Scott McPheeters, Biddeford, Maine, Aug 2021 

  • PETA Project, Downtown Los Angeles, CA, May 2021 

  • XXX, KNTRLR Music Video, New York, NY, Jan 2015 

  • I Can’t Swing Anymore, Musician: Aubrey Anderson, Director: Amelia Anderson, San Francisco, CA, July 2013 


  • Film Red won:

    • New York Istanbul Short Film Festival 23'

    • DANCE CAMERA ISTANBUL - Impro Dance Fest Edition 23'

    • Iconic Images Film Festival 23'

  • Subcircle Residency 2021

  • JChen Project Semi-Finalist 2020

  • Film: Yellow  accepted at Golden West Art Gallery: FEMELLA Winter Exhibit 2019

  • Film: Blue  won Italian Absurd Film Festival 2021

  • Film: To Stir  BareDanceCompany  48 hr Choreographic Challenge: 1st Runner Up 2020

  • Film Redressing Home  Dare2 Dance in Public Film Scholarship 2020

  • Film Sea Change  Mobile Dance Film Festival: Mobi Mini Fest Winner 2019 

  • NYC XYZ Dance Series Champion Tank Theater NYC 2013 - winning opportunity to  create an evening length work at the Off-Broadway-Non profit The Tank Theater which enabled me to create Distractions as live performance with dance film within.


  • B.A. in Dance/Dance Science at Loyola Marymount University 2006

  • Bearnstow Dance Workshop Bebe Miller and Angie Hauser, Mt Vernon, ME, July 2022

  • Anabella Lenzu 3 Certifications: Dance for the Camera/ Dance Composition/ Dance and Musicality 2021

  • Jacob Jonas Digital Portfolio Workshop, Online, May 2020

  • Lion's Jaw Dance Festival Intensive: Volunteer & Participant 2017, 2018, Teacher 2019

  • Annenberg Space for Dance: Alexx Shilling Improv Processes and Scores, June 2019

  • Rosanna Gamson World Wide: Go Los Angeles Workshop Improv for Choreography 2019

  • Bearnstow Dance Workshops: Sarah Pearson and Claire Porter, Mt Vernon, ME, July 2018

  • Deborah Black’s Workshop: Mary Overlie’s 6 Viewpoints, NYC, Feb 24 & 25, 2018

  • Bates International Dance Festival: Teacher Training Program, Lewiston, ME, July 2017

  • Doug Varone: Choreography Intensive at Hunter College, NYC Jan 2017

  • Jeanine During: Non Stop Doing Workshop, Meg Wolfe Space, CA, Spring 2016

  •  West African with Ron Brown at SMC, CA, 2007



  • Yoga Tune Up ®  - Pasadena , CA 2016

  • Yogaworks - 200 Hr Bridge Program - NYC 2015

  • It’s Yoga - 200 Hr Teacher Training - Thailand 2012

  • Long Beach Dance Conditioning - Pilates Advanced Teacher Training - Los Angeles, CA 2006



Dance Teaching Experience

 (16 yr  pilates/yoga/fitness resume available  upon request)


Casco Bay Movers 

September 2022 - Current, Portland ME 

Contemporary Choreography and Rigorous Improvisation Explorations



March, Sept 2023, Feb  2024, Portland ME 

Contemporary Choreography and Embodied Anatomy, Pilates, Yoga, and Improvisation Explorations


Loyola Marymount University 

August 2006-2012, 2015 - 2021, Los Angeles, CA

Lecture of  Intro to Choreography, Pilates, and Yoga. 2007 to 2012, Wellness Lab Coordinator in the Dance Department 


Metta Studios 

Fall and Winter  2019Biddeford, ME

Taught donation based DanceMe, : simple movement with high repetition to induce a flow state and creative augmentation 


Lion’s Jaw Festival

Oct, 2019 Boston,  MA

Taught DanceMe &  Shape Focused prompts  mixing dance and acting 


The Electric Lodge

Feb 2019-May 2019,  Venice,  CA

Taught DanceME


Green Street Studios

Feb 2018 -March 2018,  Boston,  MA

Improv scores based on teachings from Jenine During & Mary Overlie

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