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Sustaining your artistic dance practice is a generative class in which we transfigure structured improvisations into choreography.


The class is a clarifying process for understanding the themes or content you as an individual are drawn towards or can't help but to literally be moved into your body to talk/express about that thing.


  • Breath rhythms Warm ups

  • Draw landscapes

  • Ask questions

  • Embody augmentation

  • Embody Choice-making

  • Set choreography

  • Set clear improv scores/blueprints

  • Have the option to work solo or in community.

We will be improvising and creating dance phrases  answering these personal fundamental questions: how, why, when, where and for whom you dance. These are questions that can change season to season, year to year. We will open up to the possibility of questions to inspire the body out of " overwhelm-frozenness" “alone-frozenness” into movement investigation and current expression with collective accountability.

Sustaining & Developing
A Dance Creative Practice
adjusting and juggling 
June 6, 13, 20
Sundays 1pm - 3pm
Portland, Maine
Location: Western Cemetery
at Western Prom & Vaughn St
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Each class is $10

3 class bundle is $25

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VENMO - @LizzyMulkeyPilates  

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